Our diffusers are made from vegan, cruelty free fragrance oils and Augeo Crystal Vegan base and as great as the ingredients are, they are still harmful if ingested so please do not consume any part of this diffuser and definitely keep them out of the reach of children and pets. If you suffer from perfume sensitivity, please do exercise caution when using this product and everyone should wear gloves when handling the reeds once they have been immersed in the solution.

Reed diffusers are very simple to use - when you receive it give the bottle a little shake and then just remove the black cap and plastic plug from the top of the bottle and screw the black cap back on. Pop the reeds into the diffuser and allow them to soak up the solution and after about an hour, flip the reeds to allow the beautiful fragrance to be released into your home. You will need to flip the reeds regularly (every few days) to keep the scent fresh & fragrant however, the more you flip the quicker you will use up the solution.

When deciding where to place the diffuser(s) please do not place directly onto furniture - always use a protective mat/coaster as the solution may damage your furniture if it comes into contact with it.

The diffusers should last 3-4 months depending on where you have placed them - the nearer they are to a radiator or draft, the quicker they will evaporate. We recommend placing them in a high traffic areas so that the air movement helps to circulate the fragrance. 

Also, the length and number of reeds you use also affects how long the diffuser will last and how strong the fragrance is. The longer the reeds are the more quickly you will use up your diffuser and the more reeds you have the stronger the fragrance will be. We recommend trimming the reeds by about 1/3 of their length (maximum 1/2) and in larger rooms use all 6 reeds and in smaller rooms you could remove 1 or 2. Every home is different so have fun experimenting.



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