If you are looking to buy scented soy wax melts in the UK, there is only one choice - The Candle Mill. As with our candles, our wax melts are handmade using the finest soy wax and high quality, vegan & cruelty free fragrances, they are simply beautiful.

If you are new to wax melts, you may be wondering what on earth they are!!

Scented wax melts are an incredibly simple and efficient way to provide fragrance in your home or work space. They are small wax shapes that pack a fragrant punch, and can be used to set the mood or simply freshen up a space.

In order to use a wax melt you need to use them in a wax melter. This heats up the wax, melts it down, and as the wax melts, the fragrance is released.

Our wax melts each produce fragrance for around 8 hours.

How do you melt them?

There are 2 main types of melters: tea light melters and electric melters. The difference between these is how they provide heat to the dish. A tealight melter uses a tealight candle as a source of heat, and thus, doesn’t get as hot. Whereas an electric melter plugs directly into a socket and uses either a heating element within the dish, or a light bulb within the body of the burner. Whichever the case, these tend to get hotter, and will melt your wax quicker.

Are they safe?

Many people question whether wax melts are safe to breathe or not and the answer is yes - as we only use soy wax our melts are perfectly safe to use in your own home, office, or wherever you want to add some fragrance. In fact, wax melts are generally regarded as safer than traditional candles, since they don’t generate soot or rely on an open flame (in the case of electric melters).

However, the type of wax you are melting is the most important thing to consider. Many brands use paraffin wax as it is cheaper than soy wax, however, paraffin was is produced from crude oil and when burned or melted it can produce a lot of toxins, some of which are carcinogenic.

Can I reuse a wax melt?

Yes you can until all the fragrance has gone. A wax melt will never disappear as the wax doesn’t get burned as it does in a candle, however, the fragrance will be released from the melted wax and will eventually all get used up. When it doesn’t fragrance your room or work space anymore, then it’s time to change it.

How do you remove the used wax from a melter?

There are a few simple, ways you can do this:

  1. It’s usually easiest to allow the wax to melt into a liquid and wipe your dish clean with a paper towel or cloth. Just be careful, as the melter dish & wax will still be hot!
  2. You can put pressure on one side of the hard wax in the melter dish using a utensil and it should pop right out. If it doesn't, try heating it from underneath for a few seconds to loosen it…Failing this......
  3. Try sticking your dish in the freezer. The wax will compact, and you can easily pop it out in one piece!


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