When burning a candle, stick to these few rules to get the best results and overall burn time:

  • When lighting your Candle Mill candle for the first time, burn it for 3-4 hours. This is to ensure the first burn achieves as full a melt pool as possible - meaning that the wax has melted as much as possible from one side of the candle to the other. The reason behind this is that wax has a "memory" - when you buy a Candle Mill candle, the candle itself will have been curing for at least 2 weeks to allow the wax and perfume oil to set as hard as possible. When you light the candle for the first time the wax that melts in the melt pool will always be softer than the wax beneath it or surrounding it. Consequently, next time you light the candle, this wax will melt quicker than the rest and the harder wax will take longer to melt. If you don't leave your candle to burn for long enough on the first burn, the melt pool may be small and your candle may tunnel (burn down the centre of the candle leaving a lot of wax on the sides). Don't worry if for the first few burns your Candle Mill candle leaves a small amount of wax on the sides of the container as this wax will melt once the candle burns down through the container.
  • Each time you light the candle, try to leave it burning for 3-4 hours to obtain maximum lifespan. DON'T BURN FOR MORE THAN 4 HOURS as the candle will get too hot and reduce it's lifespan.
  • Wick maintenance is key for perfect burning - trim the wick to around 5mm before each burn.

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